Panel Fanless Atom Panel Dynamic Atom



Panel IPC Fanless products are poweful and scalable Touch screen IPCs able to reduce the energy consumption. Fanless IPCs are equipped with Intel ATOM CPU and with display from 7″ Wide up to 19″.
Panel IPC Dynamic products are Touch screen IPCs equipped with Intel ATOM CPU, available with display from 7″ Wide up to 19″. High connectivity and speed process.
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Panel Dynamic C2D Panel Dynamic iCore


Panel IPC Dynamic range of products is also made up of Touch-Screen IPC equipped with intel Core 2 DUO CPU, available with display from 12″ up to 19″. Give more power to your applications. More power and more performance for the ESA family of industrial PCs thanks to the new range of Intel® i-Core, the second-generation of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7.
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