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FATEK Automation Corporation, was founded in 1992 by a group of PLC R.D. engineers, is a famous manufacturer and developer of Programmable Logic Controllers in Taiwan. They have been focused on high-quality, high-functionality and compact design in micro PLC market, thus created their own brand “FATEK”.
FATEK’s expectation is to provide a total solution of industrial automation. In addition to continuously research and extend the HMI product line, they develop more automation products to fulfill customer needs in the complex industrial automation environment. In order to compete with other PLC manufactures, FATEK’s short term gold is to research and develop more powerful PLCs. In the mean time, FATEK will also seriously develop motion controllers, human machine interface, industrial used power supply, servo controller, inverter and servo motor. They believe that they can provide diverse high-quality products in the future because they are not just a provider of industrial automation solutions, but also an automation expert under customer trust.

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