Why Transervo Series is Terrific?
  arrow New control method combines the best features of servo and stepping motors!
  arrow Environmentally rugged resolver provides closed loop control.
  arrow Ideal 4-line circular-groove 2-point contact guide gives longer service life.

SS Type (Slider Type Model)       SR Type (Rod Type Model)
TS Slider Type  TS Rod Type
Stroke: 50mm - 300mm
Max Payload (Horizontal): 10Kg - 55Kg
Max Payload (Vertical): 4Kg - 20Kg
Maximum Speed: 150mm/sec - 500 mm/sec           
Stroke: 50mm - 800mm 
Max Payload (Horizontal): 2Kg - 12Kg
Max Payload (Vertical): 1Kg - 4Kg
Maximum Speed: 100mm/sec - 1000 mm/sec
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