The FBs-PLC has more than 300 instructions which adopts a user friendly and readable multi-input/multi-output function structure. With this multi-input instruction structure the user can derive many types of functionality which other brands of PLC’s may require the use of many instructions to achieve this.

CPU Unit
Basic CPU Units Advanced CPU Units NC Positioning CPU Units
Expansion Modules or Units
Digital I/O Expansion Modules Digital I/O Expansion Units
Analog I/O Modules Temperature Measurement Modules
Analog Input + Temperature Measurement Combo Modules Communication Modules
General Purpose Communication Converter
Expansion Boards
Communication Boards Analog I/O Boards
Simple Display Boards
Special Modules
Power Supplies for Expansion Modules 3-Axis Motion Control Module
Load Cell Module Potential Meter Module
Precision Load Cell Module Voice Module
16/7 Segment LED Display Modules Thumbwheel Switch Module
Peripheral & Accessory
Communication Cable Memory Pack
USB-RS232 Converter Cable PWMDA
High Density DIO Connection Cable RFID Card
Handheld Programming Panel 16/7 Segment LED Display