Fatek OPC Servers

OPC Server is a standard software application and is widely used in field applications. The FATEK OPC Server is used for connecting to the FBs/B1/B1z PLC series. It includes serial (FatekSerialOPC) and ethernet (FatekNetOPC) servers for different communication interface of PLC. The Server supports both standard OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Alarm/Event (AE) server that includes limit and digital alarm functions. The 3rd party SCADA software and customized applications with OPC client can directly access the registers of PLC through FATEK OPC Serve

• Supports OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Alarm and Event (AE) specifications.
• Supports engineering data conversion to client’s request.
• Supports value simulation for all data items.
• Supports multiplier to create tags quickly.
• Tags can be grouped in logical folders.
• Remote tag browsing and access from OPC Client.
• Supports read and write Fatek PLC registers.
• User could define high/low Alarm and digital alarm condition


Item Characteristics
Compliance with OPC Data Access (DA) Version 1.0
OPC Data Access (DA) Version 2.05A
OPC Data Access (DA) Version 3.0
OPC Alarm and Event(AE) Version 1.10
OPC Complex Data Version 1.0
OPC Common Definitions and Interfaces Version 1.0
Communication FatekSerialOPC
Support PLC FBs Series
B1/B1z Series
Support Registers Input discrete X/WX/DWX
Output relay Y/WY/DWY
Internal relay M/WM/DWM
Step relay S/WS/DWS
Timer discrete T/WT/DWT
Counter discrete C/WC/DWC
Timer register RT/DRT
Counter register RTC/DRTC
Data register R/DR
Data register D/DD
File register F/DF