KOLLMORGEN – Why Motion Matters?

It’s not simply that motion is at the heart of the machines, vehicles and equipment that define modern life. It’s that all of these critical elements of our daily life must operate under intense new demands and challenges. Sustainability. Energy efficiency. Worker safety. Motion matters because these issues affect the world over.

Kollmorgen understands this.Why Motion Matters inline image 

For machine builders in printing, packaging, converting and other fields, motion can make factory floors more reliable and efficient and machines more productive. Motion can enhance quality and accuracy and improve operator safety. Motion can drive sustainability and reduce scrap. Throughout countless vital industries, and across the factory floor, motion matters.

For aerospace and defense, motion helps meet the extreme demands for uptime performance and environmental flexibility. For decades, this industry has turned to advanced motion solutions to optimize performance and reduce footprint. In aerospace and defense, on all corners of the earth, motion matters.

Motion can make the operating room more conducive to the miracles of medicine. It can make elevators more reliable and safe, warehouses more automated and streamlined, heavy equipment more nimble and energy cleaner, cheaper and more renewable.

Motion matters because it is at the heart of human life. This is why motion matters to Kollmorgen.

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