• Less than 1 arc-min Backlash
  • Complete Gear Head version ready-to-mount (grease included)
  • Easy motor mounting
  • Very compact with high torsional rigidity
  • Integrated Angular bearings for large thrust & overhung moment capacity
  • High Ratio availability (up to 185:1) without increasing gearbox size
  • Torque capacity up to 5X rated torque (E-Stop)

The RD-E combines the high performance and extreme precision of the component type RV-E in a complete, easy to use package. By utilizing the patented 2-stage cycloidal technology the RD-E can supply large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and excellent quality. The reducer also utilizes a set of large, internal angular support bearings that provide large moment capacities and negate the need for external support devices – reducing design time and installation costs.

The RD-E Series is shipped completely sealed (grease included) with the motor adaptor plate and motor shaft coupling customized for your specific servomotor. This straightforward design allows for a quick and easy installation directly into your process.