SC Series

Detail Specification:

Nachi :SC400L


Powerful robot with a wide range of motion. Great working range is assured by extended forearm and excellent mechanical design. 400kg payload capacity easily handles heavy loads like car bodies. Wide envelope (4.8m vertical stroke) is perfect for lifting between production lines or replacing industrial elevators for a reasonable cost hand in hand with great flexibility of robotic solution .

Technical highlights

Powerful with wide motion range

* Great reach 4800mm vertical stroke
* Payload capacity 400kg with up to 60kg additional load
* Shelf mount type with extended forearm design
* Ideal for heavy load up/down handling


SC 500

Premier league of handling robots. The 500kg payload for optimal handling of large and heavy loads. One of heaviest payload in the industry with compact body design and excellent motion range. High allowable moment of inertia is sufficient for installation of very heavy guns, grippers and other type of EOAT. In addition to great payload there is still space to install 30kg to 60kg additional load on robot arm.

Technical highlights

Premium Heavy robot

* Heaviest payload in its class
* Payload capacity 500kg with up to 60kg additional load
* High Moment of Inertia, allows handling of heavy tools
* Large horizontal motion range, up to 2700mm
* Operating area 4.4 sq.m.

Nachi :SC700


Masterpiece of NACHI. One of the largest 6 axis industrial robot available on the market is the NACHI SC700. It was developed primarily for the automotive industry, however due significant working range exceeding 4000mm in horizontal and 4928mm in vertical direction and extreme 700kg payload the SC700 is successfully asserting in any other ultra heavy handling application. With a robot size 3372 x 3064 x 2712 mm (LxHxW) and robot body weight 7tons (without any load) the SC700 robot is definitely on top of the heavy robotics technology.

Technical highlights

Ultra Heavy robot

* Largest robot available on recent industrial market

* Ultra heavy 700kg payload is handled with ±0,5mm accuracy

* Ultimate motion range: 4,8m vertical and 7m horizontal 

* Perfect replacement for tradional elevator, transfer or lifting units

* Powerful wrist with heavy load fall-down software protection