LP1130 / LP180

4-axes Palletizing robot, Flexible and agile solution for each palletizing application challenge. Reduction of axis quantity from six to four, opened the space for development focus on strengthening the stiffness of body construction, increase of rotational speed, extension of working range and other technical parameters important to improve the high palletizing capabilities. Currently, the LP series robots are able to achieve up to 1800 palletizing cycles/hr with approximately 60 kg payload and 1500 cycles/hr with 130kg payload. High motion speed is supplemented by excellent motion range 3168 mm in vertical direction and 3210 mm in horizontal direction. The rotation envelope of ± 180 degrees allows simultaneous servicing of six standard Euro pallets. Available with 130kg and 180kg payload.

Technical highlights

Palletizing specialist

* 4-axes palletizing type robot

* Capable up to 1800 cycles per hour

* Payloads available 130kg and 180kg plus 25kg additional forearm load

* Excellent reach, serves up to 6 Euro pallet

* Advanced palletizing programming (ready to use patterns)