Detail Specification:

Nachi:SRA166 / SRA210

SRA166 / SRA210

Is ultra-fast spot welding robot that elevate lightweight design, high rigidity, and high speed control to the next level. The addition of this robot to spot welding processes of customers such as automotive manufacturers will dramatically reduce cycle times, significantly improve productivity, and achieve cost reductions.

Technical highlights

Strong, Fast, Accurate

* Fastest robot in its class (30% increased cycle time)

* Payloads 166kg and 210kg plus additional 45kg forearm load

* Accuracy: ±0.1mm (position repeat accuracy)

* Compact: 15% reduction in production line length

* Economical: 15% reduction of power consumption

* Protection rating IP67 for Wrist Assy and IP54 for body

Nachi:SRA166-01A / SRA210-01A

SRA166-01A / SRA210-01A


Technical highlights

A-Trac  –  Cable management system

* NACHI as one of Spot Welding applications market leader developed special dress package, so called A- TRACK. This specification was especially design to achieve superior spot welding capability hand in hand with fastest motion of same class mechanism.