ST Slim



ST70 / ST100
6-axes space saving compact robot with “just-fit” payload. Where the SF Fast series is already too large and heavy and the MC series is not strong enough, there is a space for ST Slim series. With large envelope (same as our large ST Fast robots) and with “just-fit” payload all packed in very compact and sturdy robot body, the ST Slim series is a right choice when looking for compromise keeping all benefits from series a class above and below. Available with 100Kg payload as ST100 and 70kg payload with long reach forearm version ST70L.

Technical highlights

Compact & Powerful

* Ideal for high density or compact cell installations

* Same operating envelope as large scale robots

* Max.Payload 100kg (ST100) or 70kg (ST70L) with long arm

* Additional forearm load +25kg

* Lightweight body 790kg (ST100), 760kg (ST70L)