Torque Motor

  • A torque motor possesses strong starting torque and falling characteristics.
  • Under low speed and constraint, it can rotate steadily.
  • The rotational torque is proportional to the motor voltage. A change in supply voltage could alter the speed.
  • Suitable in forced static-torque situation, or when the high-speed operation is finished it needs to retain its restraint mode.
  • When operated under the restraint mode, the output torque would greatly increase. Please do not exceed the allowable torque for the gear, and NEVER strike with force to stop the motor, other wise the impact would cause damage to the reducer gears.
  • Suitable for rolling (lifting) a load.
  • Within the range of the revolution-torque characteristic curve, the motor can be used as a brake when the rotating motion is in the opposite direction.

Types of The Torque Motor

Inner-Motor Type: The voltage regulator is stored inside the terminal box, there it can control the motor speed easily with the speed controller it is attached to. No need to attach the regulator on the exterior of the motor, making the installation more convenient.

Standard Type: You need to install the voltage regulator on the exterior of the motor in order to adjust speed and torque.


Product Applications: 

  • Machine Tool Accessories
  • Cutting Equipment
  • Bar Feeder
  • Conveyor Equipment
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Food Processing Machinery
  • Printing Machine
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Medical Equipment