Created with the design concept of “seven ultimate e-motional solutions,” the Σ-7 series delivers the world’s highest performance while providing other features such as further improvements in safety and an environmentally friendly design to meet the changing needs of its users. This series offers solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy users in all kinds of scenarios in the life-cycle of systems.

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Ultimate system performance

The high-performance of Σ-7 SERVOPACKs translates into ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-accuracy control, which maximizes system performance.

Σ-7S Single-axis SERVOPACKs Σ-7S Single-axis SERVOPACKs

3.1 kHz response frequency

Optimized for specific applications: New models in EX and FT series to be released

Improved vibration suppression

Ripple compensation

Ripple compensation

Σ-7 SERVOPACKs can reduce speed ripples caused by motor cogging, even for machines for which speed loop gains cannot be set high. This ensures smooth operation.

Enhanced vibration suppression function

  • Notch filter Suppresses high-frequency vibrations of 500 Hz or higher. ⇒Number of filters increased from 2 to 5.
  • Anti-resonance control adjustment Suppresses vibrations at frequencies ranging from several hundred Hz to 1 kHz. ⇒Vibrations can now be suppressed at two different frequencies (in comparison with one frequency in earlier models).
  • Vibration suppression Suppresses vibrations at low frequencies (30 Hz and lower).⇒Vibrations can now be suppressed at two different frequencies (in comparison with one frequency in earlier models).

These functions can be adjusted automatically using the autotuning function.

Σ-7W 2-axis SERVOPACKs Σ-7W 2-axis SERVOPACKs

2-axis SERVOPACKs (200 W × 2 axes to 1 kW × 2 axes)

3.1 kHz response frequency

Improved vibration suppression


Σ-7 Servomotors Σ-7 Servomotors

Compact dimensions (approx. 80% smaller than our earlier models.)

High-resolution 24-bit encoder incorporated (16,777,216 pulses/rev)

Maximum torque: 350% (small capacity)

High-resolution, 24-bit encoder

Σ-7 Servomotors (50 W or greater) use encoders with a resolution that are 16 times higher than those used in Σ-V Servomotors.

High-resolution, 24-bit encoder

High efficiency and low heat generation

Σ-7 Servomotors use an optimized magnetic circuit that improves motor efficiency and reduces heat generation. (comparison with typical models.)

High effciency and low heat generation